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I am going on a taste journey. Those of you who want to join me on this journey of discovery are invited to do so, but have to remember that tasting wine is always personal. We all have to develop our own approach to master the art of understanding wine and become a wine connoisseur or – depending on our ambitions – expert in our own right. How many wines you have to taste to become one I don’t know. I only know that I was not born with a silver taste-vin in my mouth and have to labour hard to find my route in the remarkable world of wine. Where I end up or which route I am going to take is not yet clear. We are spoilt for choice nowadays, there are so many wines from all parts of the world waiting to be tasted.
But I can tell you this, whatever journey comes on my path to winedom, I sincerely wish it to be one of quality and not paved with to many disappointments. What I also hope is that throughout my journey I can retain some of the passion, enthusiasm and wonder that motivates me now at the start.

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