Camille Giroud – Beaune Aux Cras, an underestimated wine?


This Beaune aux Cras 2008 was quite a surprise after tasting a row of Burgundy wines at the Ockhuysen tasting last Friday. I was told that it is quite an underestimated wine. True or not, it is a well made medium bodied wine with a lovely expression of red fruit, a little spicyness – a bit of white pepper- and a light earthyness with some minerality. In short, an elegant glass of fruit with a nice acidity, good balance and a characterful finish I wrote in my tasting note.

Maison Camille Giroud was founded in 1865 by the man of the same name. In the past Maison Camille Giroud had earned a reputation for wines that aged for years and years following the method of buying wine after fermentation and keeping the wine in cask for 18-36 months followed by a further 3 to 5 years ripening in bottles until ready for release. What was once their strength led to their downfall later on and Maison Camille Giroud was bought in 2002 by a consortium of investors led by Ann Colgin (of Napa Valley status) and her husband Joe Wender. The appointment of winemaker/technical director David Croix ((who was in the beginning of his twenties at the time) represents a new, terroir driven direction. The talented David Croix uses a combination of modern and old techniques to emphasize the individual characteristics of each vineyard and wine.

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