Wine and the art of music, don’t spill any, just suck it in and enjoy

Do people with blogs write about wine and music, not a lot I found out.  Strange enough, because wine and music are such a good combo.  What can be better than drinking a fine wine and listening to the right music, whatever that is for you? Or, open a great bottle of wine and play your guitar to get into the right mood and talk about, you guessed it, wine and music. Also in lyrics you will find a lot of references to wine, though oddly enough a lot about cheap wine and the side effects after a certain amount of consumption. There is even a website where hand-picked wines are paired with music – where Mood Matters -and you can also tune in to the live stream of the Wine and Music’s radio station.

The art of making wine and the art of music. Not often we come across someone who is both passionately working in the wine world and music world. There are examples like Mr Simply Red, Mick Hucknall, who more than a decade ago became a keen vintner in Sicily after a long career in music. He owns the 18th-century estate Il  Cantante (the Singer) on the slopes of Mount  Etna, managed by his wife Gabriella Wesberry and run by wine specialist and consultant Salvatore Foti. The results are considered to be quite impressive.

The fact that some celebrities are extremely passionate about wine, mostly about drinking, is no secret. If this was also the case for Eric Burdon I don’t know. In 1970 Burdon sang as temporary member of the Californian jam band War (tired of his band The Animals in the UK) spill the wine, take that pearl. It became a huge hit. In the late 90’s the song was rediscovered as part of the soundtrack to the film Boogie Nights. You can hear the song during the pool party scene, showing Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds and Philip Baker.

I did not spill any time looking for a copy of  Boogie Nights, but unfortunately found none, instead  tracked down Spill The Wine of Eric Burdon and War on YouTube, artfully adapted by camelchimes, with the lyrics on screen. Just suck it in and enjoy.

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